Our carefully selected farm in Ecuador has planted over 11000 Palo Santo trees and is dedicated to raise awareness about preserving this Holy Tree and the environment surrounding it.

White Sage Free

Ethically Sourced Palo Santo

Eco-friendly Packaging

Ethically & Socially Conscious Products So You Can Feel Good In Your Home

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the face behind larks + Leo

Larks and Leo was started out of my passion to create. I love creating quality and unique products that allow people to be inspired in their homes. 

With the growing popularity of smoke cleansing and crystals in large retail stores, it is hard to be certain that your home wellness products are coming from ethical and social conscious hands.

At Larks and Leo, you can rest assured knowing that our products are carefully selected and handcrafted so you can feel good about their impact to the world, helping you enjoy your space even more.

Hi I'm Gina,

Ever since launching in 2017 my products have been in the hands of 9,000 happy customers


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